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Acronis True Image 2018 v 22 5 1 Build 10640 [PL] [Bootable ISO] [azjatycki]

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Jest, to sam ratunkowy nośnik startowy.

Ratunkowy nośnik startowy, za pomocą którego możliwe jest uruchomienie komputera w przypadku awarii. Po uruchomieniu komputera z nośnika startowego możliwe będzie przywrócenie uszkodzonego systemu lub odzyskanie określonych obszarów dysku w przypadku ataku wirusa bez konieczności ponownej instalacji systemu operacyjnego.

Obsługiwane systemy plików: FAT32, NTFS, Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, ReiserFS, Linux SWAP



Acronis True Image 2018 Bootable is an integrated backup and recovery software that ensures the security of all of the INFOrmation on your PC. It can back up your documents, photos, email, and selected partitions, and even the entire disk drive, including operating system, applications, settings, and all of your data. Backups allow you to recover your computer system should a disaster occur, such as losing data, accidentally deleting critical files or folders, or suffering a complete hard disk crash. Online Backup allows you to store your files and disks on Acronis Cloud. Your data will be protected even if your computer is lost, stolen, or destroyed, and your data can be entirely recovered onto a new device, if needed. Acronis True Image 2018 BootCD is optimized for Windows 10.

Features of Acronis True Image 2018 Bootable:
- Mobile apps. Your files are available from all your favorite devices, from smartphones to tablets and PCs
- Disk Imaging. Restore - not just the files, but the exact configuration of your computer including your operating system, settings, and applications
- Nonstop backup. Ongoing changes are recorded as you work, so you can revisit any file, folder or your entire system as it was at any point in time
- Incremental backups: Changes are captured since the last backup. That saves time and disk space
- Try&Decide: You decide if you want to keep the changes made to your system by potentially dangerous software or websites
- Secure Zone: Store a disk backup on your system drive. Recover wherever you are, even if your operating system has failed
- Set and Forget: You choose when and how frequently True Image does backups - even when you aren't using your computer
- Background operation: True Image works in the background and doesn't affect the running processes
- 2TB+ drives: Protect over 2 terrabytes of files, programs, and other content
- Network backup: Your NAS device is detected automatically, so you can backup multiple network PCs to a secure storage site
- View before restore: Get a clear preview of what your system looked like during each backup and choose what to restore
- Media versatility: Use any storage devices -DVDs, USB keys, external hard drives, GPT drives, and even cloud storage
- Privacy: True Image is armed with robust government-grade AES-256 encryption to keep your data secure


strona producenta:
system operacyjny: Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)/7 SP1/8/8.1/10, Home Server


- wypal obraz (AcronisTrueImage2018.iso) na CD
- w razie potrzeby uruchom komputer z boot'em na CD-ROM*censored*

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