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Shanghai Noon - Pallottole Cinesi (2000) [1080p - Ita Mux - H264 - Aac]

Kategoria: Filmy BluRay/HDTV 1080p

Gatunek: Komedia

Dodał:  JackieALF
Data dodania: 
Rozmiar: 15.99 GB

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Ukończone: 681

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Shanghai Noon- Pallottole Cinesi

Italian Mux By JackieALF


Original Title:"Shanghai Noon"
Country:Usa,Hong Kong
Genres:Action,Adventure,Comedy,Western,Martial Arts
Director:Tom Dey
Production:Jackie Chan, Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum
Full cast:Jackie Chan,Owen Wilson,Lucy Liu,Brandon Merril,Roger Yuan,Xander Berkeley,Rongguang Yu,Ya Hi Cui,Eric Chen,Jason Connery,Walton Goggins,Adrien Dorval,Rafael Báez,Stacy Grant,Kate Luyben,Henry O,Russell Badger,Simon Baker,Sam Simon,Alan C. Peterson,Rad Daly,Lee Jay Bamberry,Stephen Strachan,Tim Koetting,Rick Ash,Valerie Planche,Tom Heaton,James Baker,Jim Shield,Mike Mitchell Shayne Wyler,Ben Salter,Terry King,Michelle Fansett,Joyce Doolittle,Randy Birch,Andrew Krivanek,Christopher Hunt,Jody Thompson,Eliza Murbach,Kendall Saunders,Andrew Bosch,Christy Greene,Brian Gromoff,Jim Finkbeiner,Tseng Chang,Sherman Chao,John Heywood,Harold Courchene,George Exelby,John Glawson,Howard Rothschild,Michael Auger,Stan Isadore,Wacey Labelle,Grace Lu,Melvin Skales,Hangman,May Louie,Kar Kut Yeung,Ted Lim,Lun Wong Tik,Chun Leung Kwai,Henry Louie,James Carver,Dallas Dorchester,Jason Glass,Lisa Stafford


Chon Wang is a Chinese imperial guard. After Princess Pei-Pei, for whom Wang has affection, is abducted and taken to the United States, the Emperor of China sends three of his guards to retrieve her. Wang is not among one of the three, but he tells them that it was his fault the princess was kidnapped. The Captain of the Imperial Guards first refuses, but when the Royal Interpreter, Wang's uncle, offers to allow Wang to come help with the baggage, the Captain agrees in the hopes that the "foreign devils" would get rid of Wang. In Nevada, Roy O'Bannon is an outlaw who, with his gang, hijacks the train Wang is on. When Wallace, a member of Roy's gang, kills Wang's uncle, Wang chases the outlaws down. However, the gang is well-armed and Wang's only choice is to unhinge the cars and get away on the engine. In the process, Wallace takes over the gang from Roy, and they leave him buried up to his chin in the desert sand. Meanwhile, Pei-Pei, who was tricked into believing she was freely escaping her arranged marriage in China, finds out she has been kidnapped by an agent of Lo Fong, who ran away from the Forbidden City and was viewed as a traitor by the Chinese.
When Wang finds Roy buried in the sand, he demands to know the direction to Carson City. Roy tells him that the city is on the other side of a mountain. Wang puts two chop sticks in Roy's mouth for him to dig himself out. When Wang comes out the other side of the mountain, he gets involved with a Sioux tribe by saving a boy chased by the Crow tribe and ends up reluctantly marrying the tribe chief's daughter, Falling Leaves. Wang finds Roy in a tavern and, in anger, starts a fight with him that turns into a barroom brawl. The two of them get sent to prison, and after Falling Leaves helps them escape, they become friends. Roy trains Wang in the ways of the cowboy.
When they get to Carson City, Roy discovers that both he and Wang, now identified as the "Shanghai Kid" are wanted by Lo Fong's ally Marshal Nathan Van Cleef, and the two of them narrowly escape. They go to a bordello (which Roy describes as his "hideout"), but after a drunken encounter by Wang, the Marshal eventually catches and arrests them. They find out that Lo Fong is behind the kidnapping of the princess. As they are about to be hanged, Wang manages to break himself free and after Falling Leaves shoots Roy loose, they escape the execution site. Wang, upset over Roy previously telling one of the prostitutes at the bordello he was not Wang's friend, rides off alone to find the princess. However, Roy follows him and the two reunite when Roy saves him from Fong.
The next day, the two partners go to the ransom point, the Carson City Mission church. The three imperial guards arrive with the gold, and Lo Fong has the princess in hand. However, a simple exchange becomes complicated when Wang shows up and Roy points a gun towards Fong. Wang tells his fellow guards that he will not allow them to bring the princess back to China. As the Chinese and Lo Fong fight amongst themselves, Van Cleef arrives and engages Roy in a gunfight. After Roy is limited to one remaining bullet, Van Cleef simultaneously fires both of his guns but Roy (unscathed due to all of Van Cleef's shots missing him and going through the priest's robe he wore for a disguise) shoots him in the heart. Wang fights the Imperial Guards whilst Lo Fong chases Pei-Pei through the rafters of the church. After Wang knocks all three Guards unconscious he fights Lo Fong to the bell tower, though one of the Guards is killed in the fight. Wang ultimately kills Lo Fong by dismantling the bell causing it to hang Lo Fong. When they awaken, the remaining two Imperial Guards decide that they will let the princess stay.
Wallace and his gang also come up to the church, and demand that Roy and Wang come out and fight. But when the two of them get outside the church to face Wallace, Natives from all around surround the gang. At a Chinese cultural celebration Roy thanks Falling Leaves for saving him and they engage in a passionate kiss. At the same time, Pei-Pei holds a smiling Wang's hand. Roy and Wang are shown as sheriffs and ride off to catch a new band of train robbers.

General Info

Name:Shanghai Noon - Pallottole Cinesi (2000).mkv
Video Codec:H.264
File Size:17,164,873,333 bytes (16369.698842 MiB)
Duration:02:30:53 (9053.375 s)
Bit rate:14999.843285 kbps
Width:1920 pixels
Height:1080 pixels
Fps:24 Fps
Display aspect ratio:16:9
Audio language:Ita
Bit rate:16-bit
Sampling rate:48000 Hz


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